Passenger Lifts

Combining European technology with local ingenuity, Union Jack Elevator have created a superior range of lifts that are both mechanically and aesthetically pleasing, with stylish ergonomics and a sense of light and space. Maximum care goes into each lift as our engineers have painstaking integrated state-of-the-art electronics and engineering practice to give customers a lift that delivers the best performance, the highest quality and the utmost safety.

Freight Lifts

Union Jack Elevator provides a comprehensive range of the latest freight lifts that are specifically designed and engineered to meet clients’ needs. This is to ensure that the lifts’ performance quality and reliability are always up to the highest standards are especially important when moving heavy loads between levels.

Motor Roomless Lifts

Motor Roomless lifts offer savings in building space either by removing the need for a separate lift motor room on the roof of the building or by increasing usable areas in those instances where the machine room would have been contained within the building. There is also a reduction in cooling requirements when motors are housed in the shaft. Motor Roomless lifts incorporate the latest breakthrough technology in the lift industry to give you the maximum performance and space efficiency.


For moving high volumes of people between different levels of a building, Union Jack Elevator provides the best solution. Incorporating outstanding design and production ideas, our escalators sets the standard for safety, reliability, visual design, space savings and environmental performance. They are designed for use in all types of buildings, including retail, hotels and other commercial buildings.


Proving a comprehensive range of moving walkways that are flexible in design, Union Jack Elevator adapts to your building’s specific requirements. Our moving walkways are designed for safety and engineered for reliability, offering the maximum in safety, reliability and efficiency for both commercial and public applications.