In 1985, Union Jack Elevator was established in Taiwan and started manufacturing our own brand of lifts. With over twenty years of experience and an outstanding track record for reliability and innovation, Union Jack Elevator has successfully secured and completed over 3000 lifts and escalators and over S$33 million worth of contracts from various government bodies and private developers.

Union Jack Elevator is also well positioned to secure and deliver more projects in the coming years. The key to our success has been our approach of optimizing elevator performance via the use of advanced European elevator technology that is compatible with local usage in terms of size, speed, and efficiency. Combining breakthrough European technology with local innovations is to provide a complete range of elevators, escalators and moving walkways to the global market.

Union Jack Elevator produces conveying solutions equipped with safety features that are second to none. Working closely with our Technical Centre (World Class), Union Jack Elevator is actively moving to be in line with international standards using Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) technology. On top of that, we are constantly bringing in the latest breakthrough technologies from Japan to further improve our services and products.

In recent years, we have also successfully invented and implemented the Motor Roomless technology for our elevators, which maximizes the usage of building space and gives customers a better return on investment. This groundbreaking technology and other innovative new designs have also been introduced to local designers and architects to inspire them to reach greater heights.